Community Choirs – ”Building a Culture and Future Audiences”

  • Description of the Project:

Choir work is increasingly becoming an area of focus at the ESNCM.  Establishing a choir is a more effective way of carrying out outreach work than individual instrument coaching.  Currently ESNCM outreach operates through instrument teachers going once a week to community centers, where selected students are taught. At present both the environment and instrument quality are poor.

Choirs would be a better approach as they allow each teacher to reach a large number of young people. Choirs are also an excellent vehicle to train sight-reading, encourage teamwork, and build audiences.  Currently the ESNCM manages the Sununu (Swallow) Choral project in Palestine, initiated by Elena Rostropovich; this involves around 800 children in refugee camps in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

  • Cost: Total £ 15,000; Setting up one choir will cost £ 5,000 per year, and it will need three years of stable funding to guarantee sustainability.