Sponsorship for one year of a UK Teacher to the Conservatory:

  • Description of the project:

Recruiting qualified teachers is one of the biggest challenges that the ESNCM faces annually. Over the years the Conservatory has developed a growing team of local teachers consisting of former students who return to the ESNCM as teachers upon completion of higher music studies abroad. Nevertheless the Conservatory’s growth, both in terms of number of students enrolled and of expansion to different towns, requires the regular recruitment of foreign teachers to work alongside the local staff.  The Friends of ESNCM UK will help the Conservatory recruit suitable teaching candidates, by informing various UK music colleges of job vacancies, as they arise. The recruitment and funding of a teacher from the UK for one year (renewable) would be highly beneficial.  Area of expertise to be specified according to the needs.

  • Cost: £ 19,000 (for one person, including travel, accommodation, salary).