The charity seeks to create opportunities for Palestinian musicians and music students to study and/or perform in the UK and British music teachers to teach in Palestine by promoting collaborations between the ESNCM in Palestine and UK Music Institutions.

The FESNCM UK has the ability to make grants in areas including the following, in support of these aims:

  • Scholarships and bursaries tenable at the Conservatory or at another musical conservatoire, university, college, or institution of higher or further education.
  • Maintenance or travel expenses allowance.
  • The promotion of concerts, master classes and musical events.
  • Repair and provision of instruments


If, having reviewed the guidelines, you consider your project to be eligible for support from the FESNCM UK, then you can make an application by completing and returning the attached Application Form as stipulated.

We cannot fund projects retrospectively. You should allow three months from the date of your application before the project, unless expressly stated.

If your application is successful you will be notified in writing and an offer letter will be issued detailing the terms and conditions on which the grant is made.

After the completion of the project, you are required to submit a written report, specifying how the funds were spent in line with the application.

UK Scholarship Fund: To apply for the UK Scholarship Fund, please contact us.

FESNCM.Grants Application Form