Online Concert Series: Navigating Isolation Through Music

In the first of an online concert series PalMusic UK featured the work of three Arab musicians who personally chose pieces for the event:

Kinan Azmeh: Clarinet player and composer who chose two movements, ‘November 22nd’ and ‘Wedding’ from ‘Suite for Improvisor and Orchestra’, Dima Bawab: Soprano who chose Joseph Canteloube’s – ‘Baïlero’, Chants de Bergers d’Auvergne, Salma Abassi: Oud player and teacher at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music who chose Mohammad Abdel Wahab’s, ‘Step of my Darling’ خطوة حبيبي – محمد عبد الوهاب

Our musicians were joined by Sir Vincent Fean, former British Consul General to Jerusalem and Director of the Balfour Project, who explored how music has managed to transcend the impact of COVID-19 and occupation, helping preserve Palestinian cultural identity and community.

Dima Bawab

Kinan Azmeh

Salma Abbasi