When we decided to run an online auction, we could never have predicted what an incredible event it would be.

The kindness of those offering their time, talent and gifts has been extraordinary. Those bidding have overwhelmed us with their generosity.

From recitals (including one offered by cellist, Steven Isserlis), paintings donated by established artists, curators offering their expertise for guided tours, through to donated signed books. All of our auction lots were donated, and we say a huge thank you to every single one of our supporters who gave, bid and donated.

It will now take a few days to connect all of the winning bidders with their prizes, so bear with us.

PalMusic are the UK ambassadors for the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Palestine which provides musical education of the highest quality to young Palestinians. We believe passionately in the right of all Palestinian children to have access to the joy, beauty and friendship that music brings to our lives. Thank you for helping us to raise an incredible £30,450, helping us to fulfil our mission.

As Sima Khoury Odeh, Executive Director of The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music said during our auction closing event:

Special thanks to Ambassador Husam Zumlot. We appreciate your support and your belief in our mission and the value of music education and promotion specially in connection to the protection and promotion of the Palestinian identity

Our friends and supporters: thank you for your donations. You enable us to keep going in spite of all difficulties which are really immense when it comes to culture and music education. 

Our friends and supporters PalMusic UK. You are great partners. Together we will make the dreams of our students come true. Much appreciation  for each and everyone one of the team and the board members. 

Thank you.”