We have a wide variety of donors for PalMusic UK. Recently, we received a generous gift from the Society of St Francis (SSF). We asked Brother Sam to explain why they had chosen to give, and for more information about their order. 

The Society of St Francis (SSF) is an Anglican Franciscan order of brothers (in company with the sisters of the Community of St Francis – CSF). As Franciscans we are committed to living in community and to working as ‘instruments of peace’ in the world. Our life is centred around a rhythm of daily prayer and we offer hospitality to those who seek peace.  At our three urban houses we welcome people on the margins of society – those who are homeless or who are refugees – and we work in the community across religious and cultural boundaries. Our Friary at Hilfield in Dorset focuses especially on the care of creation and aims to live wisely and sustainably.  
As Franciscan brothers we make a vow of poverty – to own no personal possessions and to live simply and generously. Our funds are held in a shared account which covers basic living expenses and supports the work that we do in and for the community. We rely heavily on donations. Nevertheless, we have a policy of giving away a tenth of our earned income – i.e. from pensions and any payment for services which we provide, and it’s from this that we are glad this year to support PalMusic in its work of providing opportunities for young Palestinian musicians. We rejoice in the gift and blessing of music!

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