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The Friends of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music UK (ESNCM) was established as a UK charity in 2012. Lena Saleh, Usama Tuqan, Lord Cope, Michel Massih, Robin Kealy, Wissam Boustany, Lord Eccles and Caroline McCormick made up the founding committee. The Friends became known as PalMusic UK in 2013.
A few examples of what makes PalMusic UK fundraising possible:

BBC Proms

In 2013, we provided logistical and financial support for the ESNCM Palestine Strings to perform with Nigel Kennedy in the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

ESNCM Palestine Strings at the Proms with Nigel Kennedy

Palestine National Competition, Jerusalem


Palestine National Competition 

In 2014, we sent musicians from Britain as judges for the Palestine National Competition. We are doing so again this year.


Palestine National Competition 

In June 2016, PalMusic UK facilitated London performances for students from the Gaza branch of ESNCM

ESNCM Students, London 2016

Palestine Youth Orchestra UK Tour


PYO UK Tour 2016 

In August 2016, PalMusic promoted a highly successful six-city UK tour for the Palestine Youth Orchestra (PYO). Conducted by PalMusic’s Patron Sian Edwards, the PYO visited Glasgow, Perth, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff, culminating in a wonderful performance at the Royal Festival Hall in London.


PalMusic UK Concerts

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Palestinian music students sponsored by PalMusic have toured the UK, raising funds for ESNCM through concerts.

Other concerts have featured internationally renowned musicians including, The Chilingirian Quartet, Tasmin Little, Nigel Kennedy, Piers Lane, Sian Edwards, Nai Barghouti, Dima Bawab, Iyad Sughayer and Wissam Boustany.

Long-Distance Learning

In partnership with the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, PalMusic UK assists the Long-Distance Learning programme for ESNCM music students/teachers in Gaza, providing regular Skype masterclasses.

Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships

We provide grants/bursaries for young Palestinian musicians to attend intensive summer courses in the UK.

We send British musicians to Palestine to give master classes:

  • Levon Chilingirian (violin)
  • Juan Lluna (clarinet)
  • Wissam Boustany (flute)
  • Aleksander Szram (piano)
  • Karin Norlen (viola)

We finance scholarships for young musicians in Palestine to study at the ESNCM and provide instruments to the school.

We award scholarships for advanced Palestinian musicians to study at UK conservatoires.

Recipients to date:

  • Maya Khalidi (singer) Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • Tibah Saad (cello) Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Omar Saad (viola) Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Lourdina Baboun (violin) Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

We make a real difference in the lives of young Palestinians.

Palmusic UK Concert

Skype masterclass

We make a real difference in the lives of young Palestinians.

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PalMusic UK Events

Online Concert Series: Navigating Isolation Through Music

Online Concert Series: Navigating Isolation Through Music

Online Concert Series: Navigating Isolation Through MusicIn the first of an online concert series PalMusic UK featured the work of three Arab musicians who personally chose pieces for the event: Kinan Azmeh: Clarinet player and composer who chose two movements,...

PalMusic UK Urgent Appeal

PalMusic UK Urgent Appeal

It is with humility and urgency that we call for your generous donations to raise $200k (£163k) following the devastation Covid-19 has inflicted on our already struggling communities and economy.

Spring Newsletter 2020

Spring Newsletter 2020

During this unprecedented turn of events, as the world experiences, voluntarily, a fraction of the continuous enforced lock-down on Palestinians, a show of solidarity and a message of hope is sent out to you, our cherished readers and supporters, into the intimacy of your homes, with a medley of Palestinian traditional songs and lyrical classical music, serenading you with a balm for anxious times, and an offering of connectivity in isolation.